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Designer jelly bags

Elegance is good taste plus a dash of daring. - Carmel Snow

Selecting a Jelly bag is like choosing your favorite sherbet: so many fun flavors to choose from! ModaSac offers a delicious range of colors - from juicy orange to bubble gum pink - in the very latest styles. Adding color to your apparel is a great way to freshen it up and keep it current without buying a whole new wardrobe.

Adding Color to Your Wardrobe

Accessories such as handbags, shawls and jewelry are a great way to add color to your wardrobe, in turn adding more style and flair to your outfits.

To start, figure out what colors are most flattering for you. Some people even have their colors professionally done, where a fashion expert determines which shades and colors are the best matches for your skin tone. In lieu of paying for that service, simply hold pieces of your wardrobe next to you in the mirror and note which ones are the most flattering. Also take some time to see which colors coordinate best together.

Then take some swatches in new more vivid or different colors and determine which look best for you. If you don't have swatches, you can test out new colors while shopping at any department store by simply holding clothing in vivid colors up to your skin. Narrow it down to two or three new vivid or fresh colors.

Now the fun part: start choosing a few accessories in these colors (or patterns that feature these colors) and integrate them into your wardrobe. Remember that black, white, grey and tan are all great backdrops for adding color, and can help keep you from overdoing it and wearing too much or clashing.

Here are a few tips for perking up your look with some color!

- Wearing a new color on your nails (or lipstick, if it's a color/shade that is appropriate for lips) as well as your handbag, shawl, etc., is a great way to bring the new color to life without wearing too much.

- Try a camisole in the new color under a neutral jacket, and add a handbag of the same hue or with a pattern that features the new color to compliment the camisole and highlight the color.

- Don't stray so far away from your normal style that you feel uncomfortable -- if you're used to wearing beiges, adding fuchsia might be too stark of a contrast.

- Bright colors draw attention, so be sure to wear them on or near parts you want to accentuate rather than minimize.

With the wide variety of designer replica handbags ModaSac offers, it's easy and affordable to add flair and style by including the best colors for you in your wardrobe. And since our quality handbags are offered at affordable prices, you can inject fresh color into your look without making a big dent in your wallet. From our designer inspired jelly handbags to our discount designer cigar box handbags, you'll find stylish affordable ways to perk up your wardrobe today!

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