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A Bit of Perfume History

People have used perfume, oils and unguents on their bodies for thousands of years. Perfumed balms were used as a part of early Egyptian religious ceremonies, and for romance as well. To scent the air for rituals they used Myrrh and Frankincense, which were gums exuded from trees. For the skin they used other plants such as rose and peppermint, which were steeped in oils until they formed a perfumed unguent.

Products that enhance skin and body smell have been highly valued in every culture. Trade routes introduced spices to new parts of the world and allowed a wider range of scents to be made.

Perfume fell out of use during early Christianity, but was revived in the medieval period. By the 1600s scents were applied to objects such as furniture, gloves, and fans in addition to the body. In the Georgian Era non greasy eau de cologne was developed and had many uses, from bath essence to mouthwash.

Angel Perfume By Thiery Mugler
Light Blue By Dolce Gabbana
Perfume By Issey Miyake
Michael By Michael Kors Discount Perfume
Ralph Lauren Romance Spray Perfume
Hanae Mori Couture Eau De Toilette Perfume

Tips for Wearing Perfume

When you apply perfume, apply it to pulse points such as the folds in the crook of your elbow and back of the knees, your wrists, neck and cleavage. Do not rub wrists together, as this crushes and weakens the smell. Another good way to apply fragrance is to spray a little into the air and then walk straight into the cloud of perfume, which helps to diffuse it over your body. When you apply scent to your neck, make sure you also do the same somewhere else below neck-level, since perfume always works its way up the body as the scent rises.

Keep perfume bottles tightly stopped, and away from direct heat and sunlight. Damaged perfume will not smell as strongly as it once did, and the fragrance will often look darker in the bottle. Blue or opaque bottles help to store perfume well.

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